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Krispy Kreme Meet – March 2011

Sun, 03/20/2011 - 21:45

The first sign of good weather this year and every V8 in South London was fired up and pointed in the direction of New Malden. Possibly the busiest of the monthly meetings yet at Krispy Kreme  doughnuts.

Light Painting my 57 Chevy

Fri, 03/11/2011 - 14:59

I’ve been told that lighting a black car at night was one of the hardest things to do so I thought I’d set myself a challenge. Working with a black car is hard at the best of times, it’s like working with a 18 foot long mirror, it can look great with beautiful blue skies reflected in the paintwork but can also show all the horrors of your location. I could have lit the car with a flash as I did with my Camaro previously but I’ve seen some shots on-line with softbox style reflections in the paint that have been created by light painting. This is a technique of leaving the shutter open and using the light like a brush to paint your subjects. I set off armed with camera, tripod, remote shutter and a battery powered fluorescent tube. After several attempts  where light from the lamp was captured directly rather than by reflection I got a fairly pleasing result with a 20 second exposure. Add some cleaning up in Photoshop and this is the result.


Nick Grant Photography Facebook Page Competition

Wed, 03/02/2011 - 15:17

So I’ve now got a Facebook Fan page for Nick Grant Photography set up but it’s looking a little sorry for itself with only 13 likes as of today. I’d like to get the word out on the street but Huggy Bear has long since retired so instead I’m organising a little competition.  Four is my lucky number as it’s my birthday is on 4th April so if we can get up to 444 likes by then I’ll pick one of those lucky fans at random to recieve a framed signed limited edition print (worth £75) a copy of the Hayride Book, a copy of the VW Action book, a copy of Pinstripe Planet I and maybe some other goodies I have mooching about.  So get the word out there people!

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

Sun, 02/27/2011 - 23:15

I’ve put together some of my favourite shots into this flickr set. Enjoy.


My Photos at the 8 Ball Diner

Sun, 02/20/2011 - 15:25

I went along to the grand opening at the 8 Ball Diner yesterday and it was fantastic to see my photos all over the doors, walls, windows and anywhere else they could put them. I really hope it takes off, they are going to be hosting loads of car events throughout each month. Check it out next time you’re in Essex.

Vintage Life Magazine

Sun, 02/20/2011 - 15:16

I came across this cool magazine for all the Cats and Hats that want to keep up with the latest trends and products on the Vintage Scene. It’s just about to hit the shelves in WHSmith. Hopefully I’ll be doing some work with them soon.

Nefarious Pinstriping – Chevy Cooler

Sun, 02/20/2011 - 15:08

Big thanks to my friend Simon AKA Nefarious for Pinstriping a Chevy cooler I picked up. I think it looks awesome. Now we just need some warmer weather for the picnic/show season to kick in. Interview

Sun, 01/30/2011 - 20:43

I was contacted by Emmanuel Bonan from this week to ask if I would be interviewed for the website. I was only too pleased to oblige. You can read the interview here, but is in French. Here is the English version I sent through.

Who are you? Where are you from?
My name is Nick Grant and I’m from London, England. I spend a great deal of time around Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Aircooled VWs. I currently drive a ’57 Chevy 210 283 four door. We bought a four door as we recently had a baby so we needed a practical family car. Some of my previous cars have been a ’67 Camaro 327 RS, a Kustom ’60 Ford Ranchwagon, a ’67 Dodge Charger a ’63 Beach Buggy. It’s fun driving a Classic American car in London as there aren’t many around but gas prices are almost $10 a gallon. There is a small but thriving scene in the UK for Hot Rods, there are three main drag strips and during the Summer there are a couple of shows on each weekend. We also have some big classic car shows that attract global interest such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I have travelled to the USA many times and have taken part in the Hot Rod Power Tour, I’ve only been to Canada once though, to Toronto and Niagra.

What are your motivations behind your camera?
I take a lot of inspriration from other photographers, I collect photography monographs. Some of my favorites are David Bailey, Gary Winogrand, Annie Leibowitz, Harry Benson, Richard Heeps and Gregory Crewdson. I also take inspiration from films, I’ve done a couple of Tarrantino inspired shoots and enjoy the work of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock. I don’t really take inspiration from any other car photographers which I hope brings a different take to my work. I’m interested in the relationship that people have with cars and how that manifests itself. When I shoot a model with a car there has to be a connection, a reason that she is there and interacting with the car, that’s why they are dressed from the same period as the car. I think this makes a difference to the models being empowered in the photos, they are the driver or the mechanic not just a girl draped over the car.

In what media your photos have already been published?
I am a regular contributor to Custom Car Magazine in the UK, I have also worked with Classic American, Ultra VW, Volksworld, Milkcow, Street Gasser and Connected Magazines. I also publish my own magazine called Retrospective Photographic Review ( I have contributed to several books including Pinstripe Planet I and II and Tiki Mugs. I publish some on demand books through Blurb including a very popular book of the Hot Rod Hayride ( I have exhibited in the Art Shows at Brighton Tattoo Convention, NSRA Billing Fun Run, NSRA Supernats and Hot Rod Hayride. There is a Diner on the A12 in Essex called The 8 Ball that is decorated with my photos all over the bar, doors and windows. I have also covered the Enamore Lingerie Show at London Fashion Week. Check out my flickr sets to see examples of all of these (

Retrospective Photographic Review – Issue 2

Mon, 01/17/2011 - 23:11

Issue 2 of Retrospective Photographic Review is now available to download in PDF form, issues 1 and 2 are now available from MagCloud as hard copies on demand and to view for free on the iPad. See here for more details and links.

Brighton Tattoo Convention and 8 Ball Diner

Mon, 01/17/2011 - 21:19

There are a couple of opportunities on the horizon to check out my photos in print. The first is the Brighton Tattoo Convention Art Show on 29th and 30th January 2011 at Brighton Racecourse. I had some work on display there last year and am looking forward to showing again. Thanks to Woody and Lisa Bolton for arranging this.

The second opportunity will be at the 8 Ball Diner, on the A12 at Rivenall, Essex. Brett Hawkesbee is currently refurbishing the Diner and is using a number of my photos in the interior. The launch date is to be confirmed but I’ll keep you updated. Here’s some info on the 8 Ball.

“The 8 Ball Diner has a mission. We aim to be the best roadside diner in the UK. The 8 Ball is not just a drop in Diner, it’s a destination in its own right. The Diner reflects its owners’ passions for cars and bikes both new and old, 50s lifestyle and Kustom Kulture, but still manages to offer the style and comfort of a truly 21st century restaurant and bar. The Diner opens its doors in January 2011. Ok, it’s the height of winter, and we have an unstable financial climate, bit we feel we have something different to offer which will make the 8 Ball a success.

As a meeting place for car and bike enthusiasts and clubs, we don’t think there is a more suitable facility anywhere. The 8 Ball offers easy access, with a roadside position just 20 miles from the M25. The diner is situated on the A12 Northbound at Rivenhall, Essex, between Chelmsford and Colchester. Parking is available for 200+ bikes, or 70+ cars. The venue offers restaurant and bar facilities, as well as comfortable seating, pool, pinball, and an interior fusing retro imagery and contemporary styling. There is no question that the 8 Ball is all about a love of cars and bikes, but other areas have not been overlooked. The sound system, plasma TVs and air conditioning help create a ‘club’ atmosphere, but that’s not a reason to not indulge in the extensive British and American styled food menu. Bangers and Mash and Steak and Kidney Pudding sit proudly alongside smokehouse Chilis and hand formed Burgers, all of which can be washed down with beer, American lagers, glass bottled colas, or traditional milkshakes.

It’s rare nowadays, to find a privately owned restaurant which is prepared to offer an alternative to the corporate chains, and a space where not every inch of the interior is designed solely to create profit. We believe that the interior space and comfort will meet with the approval of all our customers, and hope to rapidly build a calendar of meetings to suit enthusiasts of a wide range of car and bike subcultures. We welcome clubs or regional groups from London and the South East, as well as East Anglia… Dartford, Kent is just 38 miles, Romford 30 miles, and many parts of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex are a very simple ride/drive away.

If you are involved with a specialist club, magazine or forum, which might be interested to ‘host’ a fortnightly, monthly or bi monthly night at the 8 Ball, please get in touch either by phone, email or letter, as soon as possible. There are possibilities for nights or even weekend breakfast meets, aimed exclusively at enthusiasts of Italian Cars, German Cars, Japanese Cars, Classic British Cars and Bikes, Harleys, Hot Rods, American Cars, Scooters, or if attending in suitable numbers, individual makes such as VW, Classic Fords, Porsches, BMW and many more.”