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Loom from Polynoid on Vimeo.

Watch the dice

31 May 2011
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Nick Grant

Chain of command

26 May 2011
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Chain of Command

Thanks and all rights to

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The Aurora from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Download speeds

25 May 2011
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Now thats what I'm talking about...Streaming heaven :D downloadspeedtest


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-----Original Message----- 
From: End of the World Notification Service [] 
Sent: Sat 21/05/2011 03:18 
To: Jon Justin
Subject: End of the World Alert: The Rapture. Happening today. 

May 21st 2011.

This is a notification to inform you that the world will be ending shortly.

The world will be ending due the following reason: The Rapture.

This has been forecast by Harold Egbert Camping. Despite previously incorrectly 

Grays Birthday Bash

01 May 2011
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Paddled along the Medway trail this week... aching!!! but was great fun and even got to got camping and finding in the middle.



Tonbridge to Allington Lock... see pics and vids below