Easter hols - day 11

10 Apr 2012
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Early start this morning, still dark outside. Looks stormy today, not boding well. Drag the kids put of bed et 630 to get ready for the fishing trip. Need to wrap up warm as it looks windy too. Quick light breakie, to stave off the sea rocking nausea. And jump in the wagon. Kids moaning about how early it is and me explaining that it's character building.

Easter hols - day 10

09 Apr 2012
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Rose to the lapping waves again... Tuff life this.  Popped to the beach from a stroll before the kids got up to watch the sun coming up, so peaceful this time of day, bit chilly but tolerable.

Easter hols - day 9

08 Apr 2012
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Rose this morning and checked the weather in Paris. Raining all week, there goes that plan, we'll stay here till Friday am and then make a mad dash for Amiens Friday and then a leisurely jornt to the tunnel sat afternoon.  

Easter Hols - day 8

07 Apr 2012
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Hoping for sunny day this morning and oh yet baby gonna be a scorcher :-) outta bed at 6 will wake the kids about 8 walked down to the beach wow what a view deep blue sea sweet sky blue. Strolled back to the van listening to the wave concerto.

Easter hols - day 7

06 Apr 2012
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Warm but over cast this morning, searched the map for places inside to go. Looked out the window and notices that the clothes we put out to dry were soaked doh, oh well the sun will be out this afternoon and dry them off. Vivid discussion of venues to go to lasted an hour and we finally selected the aquarium in Montpellier as it was only 30 mins away. Loaded up the wagon and awoke sweet penny. She took us thought the city centre and showed us the sights on the way. Kids everywhere. Owning out of the Hugh schools and colleges. The city is very cosmopolitan. We found the signs to the aquarium and we're there in no time. The complex was very Disney stylie, lots of cash points and cafes bars. They had cinema ice skating karting bowling etc. anyway found the aquarium and wasn't disappointed, it was very comprehensive they even had a hurricane simulator ( was about a November day on the pier in Broadstairs fishing). The finale was extreme over a hundred miles an hour woohoo!!! 

Easter hols - day 6

05 Apr 2012
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Bonjour peeps, clearer today hopefully some sun this afternoon, day on the beach chilling , no driving involved. No storms last night but sheets still driving me nuts, so ended up on the sofa. Actually it's way more comfortable.

Easter hols - day 5

04 Apr 2012
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After the storm last night which sounded as if the caravan was going to take off, raining heavy all night we got some sleep... After refitting the cheap nasty bed sheets which were akin to that public toilet paper I remember as a kid or the zx81 printer paper!.

Easter hols - day 4

03 Apr 2012
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Oh and the heavens opened lol, not a cold day (20's) but over cast, got up early and moved our stuff from ibis to caravan. Pretty nice place, popped out to super marche for food and supplies, then over to decathlon to get some beach bits.

easter hols - day 3

03 Apr 2012
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Stil cant get used to the french keyboard...

Well today we travelled down to the beach to check out the surf and wasnt disappointed. beutiful and blue, no one about, again! Spent a few hours there and then decided to pop back to Sete for some lunch along the beach where we have been staying. Gotta say that the food was fantastique!!! left and strolled around the town a bit then back to the hotel for a swim. Cons wanted to try out the beach before we packed up our stuff to travel over to Marsielle and I wanted to checkout the campsites once lore before moving on. Yey the camp site was open still noone about tho. spoke to the reception and they explained the everyone turns up tomorrow. so booked è days straight away. caravan right on the beach. bliss, travelled back to ibis and grabbed a pizza and a bottle of red before bed. gotta pack tomorrow early so we can move our stuff into the caravan. ttfn

franch day 3

easter hols - day 2

01 Apr 2012
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left Amiens early and drove straight down to Mount Pellier... the journey was breath taking;;; will post pics and route later...SatNav is a god send :] camp site was closed so in another ibis tonight although the 27 degrees and blue sea outside the window makes that much more tolerable. can relax now and enjoy the hols.

SatNav got us a bit lost a few ti,es but shouting at it seemed to work wonders :] Driving at night here is very dark, no road lights or cats eyes, so will keep that to minimun. town is still very empty, where is everyone? did we land on a differeent planet? oh well need to check out the campsites again tomorrow, hope they are open this ti,e, fingers crossed. oh and had a chinese in the evening in sete everything i order except for the spicey frogs legs was different lol oh well it all tasted yum. ordered a house red when we gotback to the hotel and they gave me a milk bottle full of wine... suppose thats the way they do it here. more updates tomorrow.