Festival of Rocketry

18 Jul 2011
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Day 1

Got up at 6am to travel 2.5 hours up to Banbury to a small village called Oxhill, where they were holding a festival of Rocketry. Was pouring down with rain all the way there and when we finally arrive it was still pouring down.

We saw a few tents had been pitched from the night before and there were a couple of stands where they were selling rocket parts. So we chilled in the car for a couple of hours playing the DS and listening to some tunes.

At 11am a class was being held to build rockets from scratch so we joined that and then enjoyed the next 3 hours being shown how to build rockets.

The aim was to fly our rockets at 2pm so there was a lot to do by then.

2pm came and the Rain had finally stopped so we were ready to go. Ella went first, then Connor then Dad.

Ella’s one hit about 2000 feet and sailed gently to the ground in the same field, Connors went about the same height but exploded at the top of its flight and we only found the nose cone in the next field. Mine almost hit the moon, in excess of 2500feet and came down intact so we can fly that one again.



After we had flown our rockets the clouds came in again and it started to rain, so we all jumped in the car and drove back to Banbury town and looked for a hotel for the night. As we were looking for a hotel we spied a Cinema with the final Harry Potter on, so dad booked the morning matinee for us for the next day. We checked into the Best Western and then changed into clean clothes and the field where the rockets were being fired from was very very muddy. We strolled around the town for a while and checked out a few bar/ restaurants, ending up in a nice Chinese before back to the hotel for some shut eye.

Day 2

Woke up early and had some breakie and checked out, hoping to find a nice coffee shop in the village… Everything was closed! So we walked around the church and town and found that there was lots of history there. We saw the lady from Banbury Cross on her cock horse


and loads of references to Gullivers travels and even the tomb stone of Samuel Gulliver, where the name was taken from.


At 11 we went to watch Harry Potter, which was pretty cool. After the film we drove home in the pouring rain and saw loads f accident on the motorway.

All in all it was a great weekend and the rain didn’t spoil play