The next new evolution of the laptop/notebook?!?

21 Oct 2009
Posted by admin

There has been a lot of hype about Apples new venture.... Macbook touch... hopefully release around October 2009.

iPhone in 07. Air in 08. Tablet in 09. Windows 7 in … (and counting)

just so u know the 'mactouch' was released in 2006, its called the modbook. it has all the features listed on this site, so thats probably were this all started. its made by axiotron and uses the apple computers, and they add gps into the bundle.

with apple releasing a new line of macbooks which are based on the new imacs, axiotron is sure to incorperate that design into the new modbooks as well. so the image of the macbook touch could be just a concept image from axiotron.

apple has had the software for years and years for a tablet to work, but they just havn’t been bothered to it it them selves. the tablet that axiotron makes is a bit pricey but thats because they have to buy a macbook then make the modifications to it.