easter hols - day 2

01 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

left Amiens early and drove straight down to Mount Pellier... the journey was breath taking;;; will post pics and route later...SatNav is a god send :] camp site was closed so in another ibis tonight although the 27 degrees and blue sea outside the window makes that much more tolerable. can relax now and enjoy the hols.

SatNav got us a bit lost a few ti,es but shouting at it seemed to work wonders :] Driving at night here is very dark, no road lights or cats eyes, so will keep that to minimun. town is still very empty, where is everyone? did we land on a differeent planet? oh well need to check out the campsites again tomorrow, hope they are open this ti,e, fingers crossed. oh and had a chinese in the evening in sete everything i order except for the spicey frogs legs was different lol oh well it all tasted yum. ordered a house red when we gotback to the hotel and they gave me a milk bottle full of wine... suppose thats the way they do it here. more updates tomorrow.