Easter hols - day 4

03 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Oh and the heavens opened lol, not a cold day (20's) but over cast, got up early and moved our stuff from ibis to caravan. Pretty nice place, popped out to super marche for food and supplies, then over to decathlon to get some beach bits.

Saw some guys on the beach fishing as se drove passed so thought id give it a go. Sea was a bit choppy, so didnt have much joy ( i blame the weather) so knocked that on the head and retired back to the caravan for lunch and a bit to eat. Kids went for a walk around site, staff are very friendly but not English speaking, but we get along just fine. Had a snooze this afternoon, lovely :-) now having a pint up club house. Will cook pasta tonight, and have an early night, off further around the coast tomorrow hoping the weather dries up. Very wet and windy yesterday, finished up going going to a French cowboy cafe. Steak was good, driving back was awful. France needs cats eyes on the roads, us the drivers need to not be so nutty. Gonna have a lay in tomorrow and read a good book (Richard matheson - I am legend). Anyway nightly night world :-)