Easter hols - day 5

04 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

After the storm last night which sounded as if the caravan was going to take off, raining heavy all night we got some sleep... After refitting the cheap nasty bed sheets which were akin to that public toilet paper I remember as a kid or the zx81 printer paper!.

Anyway we decided that if it was overcast again we'd have a lay in the travel down the coast to per pig nan. So at 10 after taking 30mins trying to get Ella's ass in gear and munching breaky we jumped in the jystin wagon and fired up sweet penny (pet name for our satnav) she flashed 2hrs to our destination so off we set towards the a9 toll road. The weather still hadn't relented but it was a comfortable 17 degrees. The landscape gently changed from the dark terracotta to a milder rich rose, the soil is certainly the heart blood of this region, as we passed field after field of zombie hands sprouting in uniform lines from the ground (vineyards) we noticed the alien shaped electic pylons spanning from farm to farm... This is a beautiful county no doubt. The distant mountain range spawning out of the land grew in statue as we travelled closer to the Pyrenees, wow not a sight I'll forget, travelling by air would have missed the sights, sounds and smells of this regions. Kids felt a little car sick due to the strong country air (manure lol) but that passed soon. We turned seawards towards puerto de la selva and then up the coast through vineyards thro cerbere to port vendesvwhere the landscape became very touristy all the way thro argeles sur mer, st cyprien, canet en roussillon, st laurent de la salanque. Wow this must be a buzzing place in the summer!!! The beach was the longest I've ever seen say 50km of sandy beaches. Building  works in progress to support the million who will be here soon. then all of a sudden were back back to quaint villages, time to head back...., mared only by the pycho French drivers, sheesh how do they survive into their 20's!?!. Time for a bit o grocery shopping so asked penny to take us to the carafour. Got food for next few days and while looking a the wines obelix lookalike came over, 'bonjour masseur ... Sorry nes pa francias, angliases, ah I speak English . I saw your Pig in your basket and I have a wine for him. Works out he was a local farmer (vineyard owner ) and he had a nice wine to go with my sausages!!! Lol. Wow it was very nice (£2 a bottle) so bought a case to keep him happy ;-). Feet up now writing the blog, first bottle sunk, feet up looking forward to the doing nothing day tomorrow. Stew. Cooking with lOcal herbs smells yummy. Kiss playing on the beach (10 meters away with our new German neighbours son. Ella's lost her flip flops already lol. Listening to Lara Fabian on the radio ( European mariah Carey) sheesh so glad we came, bonnuit x