Easter hols - day 7

06 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Warm but over cast this morning, searched the map for places inside to go. Looked out the window and notices that the clothes we put out to dry were soaked doh, oh well the sun will be out this afternoon and dry them off. Vivid discussion of venues to go to lasted an hour and we finally selected the aquarium in Montpellier as it was only 30 mins away. Loaded up the wagon and awoke sweet penny. She took us thought the city centre and showed us the sights on the way. Kids everywhere. Owning out of the Hugh schools and colleges. The city is very cosmopolitan. We found the signs to the aquarium and we're there in no time. The complex was very Disney stylie, lots of cash points and cafes bars. They had cinema ice skating karting bowling etc. anyway found the aquarium and wasn't disappointed, it was very comprehensive they even had a hurricane simulator ( was about a November day on the pier in Broadstairs fishing). The finale was extreme over a hundred miles an hour woohoo!!! 

When we left the aquarium the kids wanted ice cream as usual, so looked at the price.... 13 euros each sheesh... Right kids get I'n the car!!! We can have 4 ice creams each for that. So we dordled back to the van site ready for the pool. Temperature touching 25 degrees as we aimed sea ward. Right papa was gonna have a go at the fish again this time armed with stinky cheese, kids headed for the pool. Ella not knowing how friggin cold it was . Packed up my bottle of wine, cheese and bagette, the fish would have no chance with the master angler!!!! Settled my self down slipped the cheese on, oh yer I was on for a huge fish... Shark size... 2 hours later the menu supplied sea weed a snail and a pair of ladies pants woohoo. Bugger. Switched to bread before I ate it all, still supping occasionally on my sweet wine. Sitting like yoda on the rocks to minimise the spikes up me bum. Sun blasted down unrelenting.  Then woohoo a heavy bite!

Rod bent into the fishes escape run, fish trailing the surf oh yer I must have caught a marlin ! Fish then turns back towards me straight for the rocks and line snags pooh!!! I stumble around the rocks like a drunken uncle at a wedding, balls she snags me straight under the cover of barnacles and rocks... I skilfully ( crapply actually) manover my self so I can pull the whale in... 2 seconds later the float, weight and bait ping over my head. Bum! The shark that got away! Oh well as any sporting gent I got the ass and threw the rest of the bait at the missed catch and stomped over to the pool to exaggerate the size of the near miss. Kids sympathised and helped my rounded ego by saying it was probably a shark biting through my line love em! Eight time for dinner, and using my new app I ordered pizza lol. Sun still hot, sitting with my beers, ready for dinner... Had pixza for And them settled down for the evening a book, kids snuggled up and we all read until bed til. Cons is reading I am legend and really getting into it lol. Hoping more sun tomorrow and then off to an adventure park to do zip slides and climbing trees. Feet up, glass of vin in hand :-) bon nuit.