Easter hols - day 9

08 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Rose this morning and checked the weather in Paris. Raining all week, there goes that plan, we'll stay here till Friday am and then make a mad dash for Amiens Friday and then a leisurely jornt to the tunnel sat afternoon.  

Had a good sleep last night although got a mossie bite the size of Pompeii. Oh well at least the are enjoying the sun too. Right better get my ass in gear as its Easter Sunday and we need eggs, quick shower and shave and we'll be off... No water, great. I stroll over to the reception and the guy has a sign on the door explaining that it's the whole site and they have in formed the authorities. Bugger oh well we'll have to make do. While im there i extend our booking and pay the extra, only a few quid. I Drag the kids outta bed, idea of choc eggs helped :-). Pack up the wagon and wake sweet penny. Skies are a little overcast but looks like its gonna be another scorcher.  Off we go to nearest carafour. While there I pick up some fishing supplies, frozen sea food mix, sweet corn and some luncheon meat, bloody fish better appreciate this banquet!!! We pack up the shipping and then set off back to the van. On the way back we get cut up several times and the some woman pulls her car out in front us... Screech go the wagons tires, she just looks at us and then carries on pulling out. Beeeeeeep what the @&£@?! You doing!!! So she gets out and says the same in French. Sheesh another example of the arrogant drivers here. Peeps look dumbfounded when I let them out here, then they look down at the GB  plates and roll there eyes like only the French can. So we carry on thro the circus of maniacs, penny gets a little lost and tries to direct us into sea ( think she's a little flustered from the altercation) but we finally make it back safely. Shopping is away in no time water is back in so washing and tidying ensues. Time for the eggs, too hot to do an egg hunt as its already touching 20 degrees and they'd melt, so the kids start munching. After breakfast we set out the day, dads fishing kids are gonna go swimming. Off they go as I'm setting up the rods, tackle and assorted banquet for the le fishies. Seas are very calm with a light breeze out to sea so the float should stay quite stable and not move with the tide, the other rod will be a bottom feeder on a long cast hoping for flat ties or a dogfish. I setup and cast out the squid/mussels/prawns and corn cocktails. Feet up audio book playing ( the hobbit) a d enjoy the rays. A few nibbles, but nothing major. Hey day the kids calm from the rocks behind me ' cab we have some money for the club house? Wow is it that time already ! I'd been there 4 hours in the sun, no hat or lotion... Oops . Got back to the van and felt a little toasted, the sea breeze had fooled me into thinking it wasn't that hot.  Silly sod! Spent the rest of the afternoon putting on cream and outta the sun.   Had a snooze and feel a lot better now that the sun is going down. Kids were very understanding and let me rest, especially when I gave them 10 euros each.  So while they are out I've been cooking them up a stew with local produce, not sure it's called but it's served everywhere, the sell the ingredient in packs... Chorizo sausage, 3 rashers of thick bacon, onion ( of course) potatoes and loads of haricot/butter beans and Tyne for seasoning. All to be consumed with red wine and French bread. Think we'll need to leave the windows in the van open tonight, else there may be a chance of combustion from the noxious gases produced by the beans!!! Supposed to be the hottest day tomorrow so will make sure that we all have lotion and hats on! Once bitten they say! Dinner and then a story tonight should go down a treat, after we've worked out the plan for tomorrow. I fancy checking out the nature reserve about 30 mins from mont pellier so we better get the mossie spray too... Ttfn