Easter hols - day 10

09 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Rose to the lapping waves again... Tuff life this.  Popped to the beach from a stroll before the kids got up to watch the sun coming up, so peaceful this time of day, bit chilly but tolerable.

Plan for the day is to travel over to the nature reserve and check out the coast towns as we drive along. Arms still a bit toasty this morning but not burnt, so all good. Get back after the sun has risen to be warm enough for tshirts. There's a few Germans walking their little dogs but no others about. I drag the kids from bed. 10 more minutes please is the cry of the children, right! Beds up turned with laughter and a pillow fight, they are so gonna lose!. Breakie next and a tidy up before we jump in the van and wake sweet penny. She doesn't know the reserve so a pick a town close and we set off. D68a is the route passing  fields of zombie hands. we drive into a stunning port town, it's packed wow, fishing boats selling their catch straight from boat, thousands of boats, ice cream palours, beach clothes shops and small cafes in abundance. Roads are very narrow and covered in French with beautiful tans Taylored with style, this looks like the party town. As we drive through we see charter boats for fishing so I push the 'remember here' button on penny. We carry on into the reserve, all but a few signs if life dissolve away as we journey further. Vineyard after vineyard as far as the eye can see. 30 mins of driving I realises that the reserve is just farm land so we double back to the port for a better look. Insert pics.. We park up and stroll along the promenade, checking out the shops as we go. We try to pass a huge glacier shop there must be a hundred different flavours!!! I thought the kids were gonna pass out with the endless choices, con finally settling on the every flavour one. He wasn't disappointed .show pic. We stopped by one of the fishing charter boats and booked our trip for tomorrow. Will be an early start as we need to be there by 730-800 for the push off. It's only till 12 so will be about 3hours of fishing . Yey!!! I'm gonna catch a proper fish. Its about 40 euros but they buy the good fish back so I reckon they'll be owing me money ;-) with my huge catch. Cons is a bit apprehensive coz last time we went see fishing he puked all the way with sea sickness. Seas are very calm here so hopefully he'll be ok, the chance of catching a big fish persuaded him anyway . Tomorrows plan sorted, we headed back to the wagon and loaded up. Trip back was fairly quick and we planned to grab some lunch in the local mussles and frites cafe... Eat all u can. Bella and I had the mussels but cons wasn't so sure do had the steak. We finally got him to try one and them he was hooked! Three 1 kg bowls later we sat back like a pride of lions and rested in the sun. 2 min trip back to the site and we headed for the pool. Wow really hot today, can feel my arms toasting. We hit the pool at about 1 before it was too hit and I jump straight in , bell a little while after, but cons thought sod that cold, so looked on enviously. All the peeps around the pool looked at us as if we mad, but after 1 mins even they started to dip their toes in the glacial cold pool. Cons was still not having any of it and ended up sulking s d making his way to the beech. We adjourned about 3 as it was getting too hot. Kids grabbed and ice lolly snd I poured a nice cold one from the keg in the fridge. I slipped into a long sleeve shirt, long shirts and my straw hat and chilled listening to some Barry white.