Easter hols - day 11

10 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Early start this morning, still dark outside. Looks stormy today, not boding well. Drag the kids put of bed et 630 to get ready for the fishing trip. Need to wrap up warm as it looks windy too. Quick light breakie, to stave off the sea rocking nausea. And jump in the wagon. Kids moaning about how early it is and me explaining that it's character building.

Sweet penny is woken and we're underway. On the way down the a9 the sun begins to rise, a stunning red globe climbs above the horizon wow. We pull into the port and park up, a few locals are milling about opening the tabac and bread shop so we grab the essentials and make our way to the boat. Only about 4 guys on the but the skipper explains a big group is joining us shortly. 10 mins pass and then a group of say 20 student looking peeps arrive. The wind is blowing and it's looking quite choppy now. There's gonna be a few pukers I think to my self especially the underdress girls not par taking in the fishing, but armed with cameras . The skipper signals were ready to cast of and the catmarang hull cuts thro the dock waves not problems, as we walk the skippers mate preparing bait and handing out the rods we exit the harbour and the swells are in excess on 1.5 meters and growing. The boat is fairly large but has to turn into the waves so the boat lists heavily and then rides high on waves and then banging down off the crests. A few of the guys are laughing for the first 5 mins then they all go quiet as the nausea kicks in, silence ensues as the skipper is looking doubtful. The waves are building in statue and looks as if the peeps are a little scared that they'll be out in this for 4 hours. Cons is fine surprising and starts to say ' look that one is going green'. 5 mins later the skipper knows he has to turn around for the tourist anglers. The tannoy sounds and the kipper about turns the boat and heads back to the silent release of the camera holders and dismay of those that have fished far rougher seas. We arrive at the dock and the skipper reluctant hands £500+ back to the passengers. We alight and stroll back to the wagon, planning to carry on to the odyssesum to try out the karting and bowling. It's still only 9 am so nothing is open yet, so we pop into the golden arches to grab a big breakfast while wait. Drive through I'd closed so we park up and enter. No bigg breakfasts !!! Just muffins and chocolate cakes. But the do have wifi so able too upload this mornings blog and pics... Fell asleep waiting in the maccy dee car park and was woken by the kids at 10 yey karting and boeling here we come... Or not. Doesn't open till 2pm, so we walk dispondantly back to the wagon and this time aim for a book shop. A 2 hour traffic jam sits in front of us thro the old town, so we crank up the tunes and listen as the beebs from locals set a chorus. Even watch ed guy slapping another's car Boney as he tried to drop him pushing in, better than tv :-) we finally make it out of the snake of cars surrounded by romanic beggars... Now if ur in the south of France enjoying the sand surf and sights that just doesn't cut it as a begged to me lazy gits!!! Everyone here is in a friggin caravan anyway. Rant ended. So we popped into the carafour on the way back to pick up some paper and pens for a quiet afternoon in the van.storm raged for the reat of the afternoon . Post sound track. Thunder and lightening. Back at the van feet up, listening to audiobooks I have a couple of hours kip. The kids are doing drawings, con does a little comic strip. Chill for the rest of the afternoon and finally venture outside the van to the club house for a few steins. Plan for tomorrow is a lay in as it probably the last relaxing day as Thursday is van cleaning day, packing up the truck ready to leave at 6 am Friday morning on our journey to Amiens. Might pop out to the karting tomorrow after now if over cast, but they are telling me it's gonna be sunny. Anywhere a few games of pool then back to the van for the evening and a fairly early night. Bon nuit.