Easter hols - day 14

12 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Up at 6am to prepare for the big journey. decided this morning to drive straight home, so should be about 12 hrs door to door. Got kids up and made them some breakie while they cleared all the fine bits out of the caravan and swept up. Couldn’t checkout til the clean checked the Van, so walked down to the beach for a final look at the amazing view.

Connor checked out Ant-opia and topped up the sugar cubes, he’s hoping it will last until the next time we come back. I didn’t tell him that other animals on the beach also like sweet treats, oh well let him enjoy the thought. Truck all packed up and fired up sweet Penny already to go. Drove the reception and the cleaning lady was early so she jumped on your 3 wheeler motorbike thingy and raced over to the van. She opened the door and disappeared inside for a few minutes and then leaned out and called me from the van, but I couldn’t under what she was saying. I followed her inside and she had opened the fridge which I’d left some supplies for the next occupant, 1/2 full keg of beer, some cheeses and hams. I was pleased that she was happy that the van was tidy and was asking if I had intended to leave the stuff there. Then she gave a huge smile and handed back the 50 euro deposit. I think she intended to stay there the night and finish off the provisions and the cupboards were also full of cans that we hadn’t got around to using.

So we were off, trip was fairly boring except for the amazing sights on the first half of the trip through the mountains (insert slide show), we stopped once on the way, but nothing much to report other than Penny sent us through the Paris outskirts which was interesting… Mad French drivers again.

We arrived at the Channel Tunnel and before I even had to blagg that we were a day early because … the license plate scanner had scanned my plates and displayed a couple of options of when I could leave that day … sweet ?

The rest of the journey was uneventful, arrived home at about 7.30pm… 30mins later I was in the pub with a Guinness in my hand… Cracking holiday