Start of the Cambridge Diet

03 May 2012
Posted by admin

So, over the last few years lifes been a little tough and I've got lazy with regards to keeping my self fit...So time to pull my socks up and sort it out. A friend recently started the Cambridge diet and has had amazing results. The diet is focused around 3 things.

1. low carbs (low enough for Ketosis)
2. low calorie (600k)
3. no Booze :(

I've done the low carb stuff before, using various low GI supplements, Atkins bars, shakes, etc., but there was always the time when I'd get caught out and there weren't any of these around. The Cambridge diet does something called Soul Source, which provides all the daily meals, that will close that gap for me.

So I went to the Cambridge Diet site and found a local contact (Kirsty) and organised my consultation.

Now have my first weeks food and had the first this morning... not impressed with the choc shake, but there are many flavours.

next step is to fill my time so I don't think of food or booze, so will be painting the whole house over the next few weeks.

I wont publicise my weight and girth, needless to say they need to reduce. :¬P