Summer 2013 Holiday

10 Jul 2013
Posted by admin

Haven't blogged for a while as the year has been dreary thus far. The Summer Suns final here and looking forward to the holiday adventure with the kids in August. I know they wont read this until we are back so dont mind sharing the secret. last year was driving across the south of France in Easter and Summer in La Rochelle. This year will be camping in Italy. We'll drive down through the West of France and maybe stop off in Lyon and Geneva and then carry on down through Switzerland to Turin , Milan and one to the NE side of Italy to the Adriatic Sea. I've seen a few website that say the camping is lovely there, so not going to plan it really. Just the kids and I on one of Dad's adventures. They are 12 and 13 now so times running out where they want to share my adventures, lets see what next year brings. Anyway I digress, so thats the plan. they think they are going camping in england, so am getting them up at an ungodly time as the eurotunnel is booked for 5.20am on the saturday morning, they'll be asleep when we board the train, but I think they'll clock as soon as we start moving and they pressurise the train (makes your ears pop). After that they will be able to check Penny (Pennys the name of out SatNav) so wont put in the final destination :). Anyway back to work...