Day 4 - The adventure continues

30 Jul 2013
Posted by admin

Wake once again to bird song and the noisy crickets, slightly cooler this morning, temperature will be about 35 around 2pm. skies are clear and I can hear the echo of kids playing around the pool. my two are still asleep, not going to wake them today, enjoying quiet dad time as I ponder what we'll do today. well there is fishing, hiring a boat, driving around the edge of the lake exploring whats there as there looks like a huge town on the opposite shore line which we can just make out... its a big lake. I think we might try all 3 today. starting with exploring, looking for a tackle shop, which will be advertising boat trips. the lake seems to drop quiet deep quickly and has a pebbly bottomso looks as if the fish hunt high in the water, so will just pick up some floats and a lighter line. dont think the whip rods we have will hack it if we catch a trout, so will up the hooks slightly and use a slightly heavier mono line. the braid yesterday seemed a little too obvious as the water is very clear. right off for some breakfast and await the kids... kids awake so time to go.jumped in the car and headed anti clockwise around the lake. We started by using the satnav, but it got lost quite alot, so switched it off and followed the beach. As we drove around the towns changed dramatically from very touristy to residential to fields of maize, olives and grapes. Each town had its won distinct character, some with cheap hotels, some huge grand hotels. It seemed that the further we drove the more exclusive it became. This seemed to be after the theme parks (gardeland, moviepark, etc) the traffic was very heavy to start off with as we entered the theme park area, but then settled down when we got to the half way point in the main town of garde. We stopped for an icecream and a slice of pizza and strolled around the town. The scenes of the lake from here were very pictureques. so stopped for a few snaps. the road back was very windy and was covered the majority of the way where tunnels had been dug into the cliff face. several times it moved down to 1 lane as we followed a coach barely missing the roof as it sped through the tunnels. we arrived at the camp site had a quick bite to eat and then made our way down to the beach for the rest of the day. cons went off fish with his net and ella went off for a swim while i snoozed on the beach. time went really fast and in no time it was time for dinner and then back to the hut. think we need to move hut tomorrow, but will leave that til then.