day 6 - fishing

01 Aug 2013
Posted by admin

A late starto the day this morning. Lots of movement on the site this morning. looks like it will be another hot one. so just having a bite for breakie and then will walk along the coast to the next port. Im assuming there will be a tackle shop there. if not will drive out later to find one. Speak with the guys at reception and it works out that there isnt one close, so we have to travel to the next town in Salo. We leave Bell snoozing and head off out. Penny (the satnav) has been playing up in italy, having directed us into the sea, someones back yard and missed numerous turnings. I dont think its her fault but more like the survey done on Italy is very out of date.. mental note to update her when we get home. we head off to find the tackle shop and after only a few deadends and couple of carparks we find a parking space near to the tackle shop. we park up and ask some locals where the road is... turns out that it was so tiny that the X5 would never have made it up that road anyway. we enter the shop to be greated by and elderly gentleman who certainly knew his fishing. we explained all that was needed to find and catch and even cook the fish. we buy whats needed and just as we are heading off, he asks where we are going to fish. Oh you cant fish there! its ilegal :(. he explains where we need to go to fish which works out at the other end of the lake, and hours drive at least. so we head back to the hut glummly. there is movement at the hut so we grab our stuff for the day and head down to the beach. the day passes slowly as we snooze in the shade and dip in the lake plus a few spritzers adding into the mix. the evening is spent watching the sun go down while enjoying some pasta in a local cafe.