day 8 - the big move

04 Aug 2013
Posted by admin

I get up early and pack around the kids, leaving the final tidy up for when they rise. we are all done by 10am and hand the keys into the recption and explain that we will be back about lunch time to move across to the caravan, we leave our luggage and food in the fridge and say farewell. we head off to find another port to spend the morning at and find a very pictureque one close by... as always there is never anywhere to park, so I drive into a hotel carpark (for residents only) and book a table for lunch. this always seems to do the trick. we head down to the beach and enjoy an icecream and some rays before heading back for lunch. wow the lunch was amazing (mixed fried seafood, spag bol, spag vongole and mussles) all was lovely. having enjoyed a big lunch put our feet up and snoozed a little in the shade before heading back to move. All is sorted when we arrive and move our stuff quickly, as its was the caravan next to us. The new place is big, its an eight berth some lots of space and a patio. Once sorted we head out for the day for some quality time on the beach. The evening ends with some noisy germans next door, who quickly pipe down as I open the window and say 'shhhhhh, danker'.