day 14 - the mammoth trek

12 Aug 2013
Posted by admin

The final day saw me up at 6am to get the final bits sorted for the journey home. all was sorted ready in time for the lady to check that all was in order to give back the deposit before we left. All good and off we started. the journey home was hopefully going to be a straight run of 12.5hours so did longer last year so know what its like, lots of stops and take it easy.

the route back wasnt under the alps but over them. and OMG the sights were breathtaking... insert pics.

The final stint of the journey was just straight french roads doing 85 mph all the way on cruise control. We were a day early for the channel tunnel but had done this before and it wasnt a problem then, so risked it for a biscuit. we pulled up infront of the machine that checks the license plate of the vehicle to check your booking ...Computer said no and asked for the booking ref... I entered the number and then a smile beemed over my face, it would cost us 4 euros more ;¬). we would be staying at home that night in our own beds... ones in Italy werent that comfortable. we steamed through the tunnel dropped our bags just inside the door and within minutes I was out like a light on my memory foam lovely bed... Adverture well and truely experienced, enjoyed and over for another Summer. Next few days were unpacking, washing and catching up on life with friends... back to work Monday...Meh. TTFN