A Day at Broadstairs

15 Feb 2011
Posted by admin

Once again, another cold, windy day, so I thought I'd take the kids to the beach and I'd get a chance to try out my new rods, so we packed up ready to go... Tide times when odd so when we got there the tide was already going out fast.

Once the tide had gone right out, we started beach combing as the rocks were all showing now (I was working out where I would lose my weights). We strolled a few miles up the beach, stopping every now and again to the sounds of 'Oh DAD look at this'.

After a few...'are we there yet's and my legs are tired' we climbed the cliff stairs and started on the return journey

but on the way back, the kids saw a vision of beauty


Following a coffee and kids ice creams we strolled back to the town where we noticed that the local cinema (about the size of my shed) had a matinee.


So I dropped the kids off there and was ready to get back on the rods, although was tempted first to a sneaky pint over looking the beach.


Caught a few more fish, but the light was fading fast.

so packed up annd drove home through the pouring rain
... was fun :)